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Posted on Monday 11th September 2023 | Steve Thomas

Embracing the Awe-Inspiring Natural Beauty of the Alps

Whatever time of year you visit and wherever you go in the Alps, you’ll find sights that take your breath away. From rust coloured leaf displays in the autumn to crystal clear lakes, colourful Alpine meadows and snow topped mountains, there’s natural beauty all around you.

If there’s one emotion you’re sure to experience when spending time in the Alps, it’s got to be that of awe. Psychologist Dacher Keltner at the University of California says: “Awe is the feeling of being in the presence of something vast that transcends your understanding of the world.”

It’s the feeling you get when you look up at a soaring mountain peak, or soak in the view from the top. And the best news? Experiencing awe is extremely good for us. Dr Keltner writes that experiencing awe is critical to our wellbeing in the same way that the emotions of love, joy and contentment are.


When you think about it, that’s probably not that surprising. After all, who hasn’t felt a deep seated sense of peace after spending time in a spectacular landscape like the Alps? Some of the health benefits of experiencing awe include calming the nervous system and triggering the release of oxytocin, a chemical that helps us to develop feelings of trust and bonding with others.

The best thing about it is that experiencing awe is something you can make an active choice to do - and studies show that doing so can help some people to cope better with stress.

When we’re lucky enough to spend a lot of time somewhere it’s easy to stop noticing what’s right in front of us. Next time you’re in the Alps, why not take a moment to find a special spot and ground yourself, appreciate your surroundings and embrace the feeling of awe that being part of a spectacular natural landscape can prompt?

Enjoying the awesome spectacle of the Alps is easy when you’ve got a chalet or apartment to get away to. If you’d like to add more awe to your live, get in touch with us here at Alpine Property Investments. With many years of experience in the Alpine property market, we can make sure you find a property that’s perfect for you.


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