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Welcome to our blog, here is a collection of our latest articles ready for you to browse through. We’ve got you covered on everything Alpine. If you’re looking to be the best skier on the mountain, searching for info on the top destinations or you’re more interested in the food scene, we’ve got it all here for you. Read more now…

Latest Articles

Getting fit for the ski season

Lesley Thomas | Sunday 07th November 2021

With coronavirus restrictions in place across the world for much of last season, many of us will have had fewer opportunities to get ski fit than usual. But with ski resorts very much looking forward to reopening in the next few weeks for the 21/22 season, it’s time to get back in shape if you’re planning a ski holiday.

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Marketing your holiday home online

Lesley Thomas | Saturday 25th September 2021

You can have the most beautiful holiday home, offered at the most reasonable price, but if potential holidaymakers can’t find you, your property is likely to sit empty. You can take all the hassle out of renting out your property via the many agencies that are available, or you may choose to market it yourself and keep more of the financial return for yourself. One of the most important ways to market your holiday home is online - so we’ve collated some top tips to help you make sure you’re always booked up.

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Why you should buy property in La Toussuire

Steve Thomas | Monday 13th September 2021

If you’re looking to invest in property in the French Alps, you should take a look at La Toussuire, located in the Les Sybelles ski area.

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Looking after your property out of season

Steve Thomas | Thursday 12th August 2021

Although the Alps are a desirable destination year-round, when you own a holiday property there will likely be some weeks of the year when it is empty . In order to make sure it retains its value as a holiday home for you to enjoy and as an asset to rent out, you need to ensure you take care of it.

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Family cycling in the French Alps

Steve Thomas | Wednesday 21st July 2021

Has the Tour de France got you and yours hankering to hit the roads on two wheels? The French Alps could be the perfect destination for a family cycling trip.

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The Alps in the Summer

Lesley Thomas | Sunday 09th May 2021

While the Alps are most famous as a tourist destination when they’re covered in snow and skiers, the Alps in summer offer a different and equally lovely experience. If you’ve got a passion for the outdoors, there’s no place on earth that’s quite like it.

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Sun and ski in Alpe d’Huez

Lesley Thomas | Wednesday 10th March 2021

The resort of Alpe d’Huez boasts an average of 300 sunny days each year, making it a great option for both crisp, bright ski holidays and sunny warm summer getaways.

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Resorts are planning ahead for a safe ski season

Lesley Thomas | Thursday 24th September 2020

2020 has been a difficult year for the ski industry, as well as for millions of people around the world, thanks to Covid- 19. Most ski resorts were bringing their season to a close by the time the impact of the virus was felt, but many also lost out on important tourism over the Easter break.

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Cycling in the Maurienne Valley

Steve Thomas | Sunday 05th July 2020

Now with the green light that we can holiday in France again, we are so pleased to be able to share some of our own favourite activities to enjoy in the Alps…..For those who love being outdoors, there’s little more exciting than a cycling holiday. Navigating the challenges of new roads and trails a long way from home offers a satisfaction like no other.

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Post Lockdown Holiday fun in Valmeinier

Lesley Thomas | Monday 22nd June 2020

With rumours abound of the possibility to holiday in France this summer, we thought we would start to whet your appetites, with how much the Alps has to offer at this time of year.

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Why routine is important in lockdown

Lesley Thomas | Friday 01st May 2020

For many of us lucky enough to be able to work from home, the coronavirus crisis has proved a steep learning curve. Far from the easy lifestyle many office workers may have imagined, it can in fact present many challenges.

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Keeping fit during lockdown

Lesley Thomas | Wednesday 22nd April 2020

We’d usually be recommending that our readers take to the slopes to get their heart rate up and enjoy some healthy exertion - but in the strange times in which we find ourselves, that’s not an option.

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